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Books you must read:
Georges Perec     A Voidgoogleamazon
Georges Perec     Life a User's Manual googleamazon
James Thurber     googleamazon
Robert Graves     The White Goddessgoogleamazon
Victor Pelevin     The Clay Machine gungoogleamazon
Good books:
Jack Kerouac     The Roadgoogleamazon
J.D. Salinger     The Catcher in the Ryegoogleamazon
J.G. Ballard     Super-Cannesgoogleamazon
Michel Houellebecq     Atomisedgoogleamazon
Michel Houellebecq     Platformgoogleamazon
Mikhail Bulgakov     The Heart of a Doggoogleamazon
Mikhail Bulgakov     The Master and Margaritagoogleamazon
Murasaki Shikibu     The Tale of Genjigoogleamazon
Pat Barker     The Eye in the Doorgoogleamazon
Victor Pelevin     The Blue Lanterngoogleamazon
Books I've read so you don't have to: Bad Books
Liza Dalby     The Tale of Murasakigoogleamazon
Other books I've read: (since I wrote this script)
Books I'm currently reading
Martin Amis     Yellow doggoogleamazon
Raymond Queneau     Zazie dans le Métrogoogleamazon
Victor Pelevin     Babylongoogleamazon
Victor Pelevin     Omron Ragoogleamazon
Books I'm going to read next
Imamu Amiri Baraka     The Autobiography of Leroi Jonesgoogleamazon
Jack Kerouac     Big Surgoogleamazon
Jack Kerouac     The Dharma Bumsgoogleamazon
Tom Wolfe     The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Testgoogleamazon
Am I missing something, want to change my political views by suggesting something for me to read contact me.